All about us

So, who are we?

Well, here in the UK, we have been producing the highest quality handmade mattresses for quite some time now and when you consider that the skill of making beds in the traditional style is more than 150 years old, our experienced craftsmen who have many years knowledge in the disappearing skills of hand packing deep luxurious layers of mother nature’s fillings, hand tufting and sewing to create beautiful mattresses, we feel that we are the custodians of an  unbelievable centuries old skill and one which we’ll preserve and pass on to our future generations.

We make beds and mattresses how they used to be made before modern computerised technology took over and companies were pressurised to produce high volume and loose the centries old process of hand manufacturing beds and mattresses. If it wasn’t for companies like Westieri Beds, these skills would quite simply be lost forever! So with pride and compassion, we make beds how they should be made with all the internal fillings that Mother Nature has provided for us from the countryside. If you're looking for a luxurious custom-built mattress and bed for your home, then Westieri beds will have the perfect solution for you.  All our mattresses are available in several widths ranging from a 3’ up to a 6’ – 0” and even larger should you require it.

We offer three different levels of comfort by the utilisation of our pocket sprung interiors with more than 1000 springs to create luxurious and beautiful mattresses in either a comfy soft level through to a firm and supportive. The decision of comfort needs to be taken seriously and your nearest stockist will be delighted to assist you and take you through all options available. You really would have to look around far and wide to find a bed manufacturing company that makes mattresses as beautiful as we do today with the use of wool, silk, cashmere, horse tail and hair and even the most sumptuous alpacha wool as the interior fillings to help regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Remember, the quality of your bed dictates the quality of your sleep which ultimately affects the quality of your day ahead.

A bed is without doubt the most important piece of furniture you ever will buy, so, why not experience a Westieri hand made bed tomorrow and sleep wonderfully every night! 

Hand Side Stitching

Hand side stitching is a labour intensive process that attaches the border to the pocket springs unit which gives the mattress enhanced edge support. This process is carried out by highly skilled craftsmen.

Hand tufting

Hand tufting as a manufacturing process dates back to the 18th century. It is the secret ingredient for a long lasting
mattress because the technique will keep the filling in place for the entire life of the mattress. This will keep the
mattress shape, which will in turn provide a firmer feel and a genuine improved spine and back support.



Every Westieri mattress is handcrafted to your requirements and to the highest specifications. It is our sincere hope that you’ll never have an issue with your mattress, but just to make sure that you sleep perfectly, we offer up to 10 years
warranty on our mattresses. Terms and conditions do apply.